Carpet Cleaning Starting at $40 per room

Wool Carpet Cleaning included!.

Carpet Cleaning Starting at $40 Per Room!

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"New research suggest spending money really can make us happier, as long as we're spending it on making more free time for ourselves. The study found that buying time gives us a better sense of well-being  than buying more material stuff. Think about it, is there housework you hate doing that fills you with dread and could you pay somebody else to do that for you? If so, then science says that's a pretty good use of money." 

David Nield - Science Alert & PNAS

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We're a locally owned and operated business. We've made carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and home & office cleaning our specialty. Give us a call today and enjoy what a difference we can make for you.

At Best Cleaning Company carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning plus tile and grout cleaning is our business, it's what we do and we're really good at it. Your time is valuable and so is your flooring. Why spend all weekend carpet cleaning? Why worry if your floors are dry enough to walk on the next day? Why worry about the possibility of a voided flooring warranty because of a high pressure system? Why worry about customer satisfaction? WHY WORRY?

With competitive rates, low moisture applications, reduced dry times and satisfaction guarantees why not give Best Cleaning a call. We are perfect for home or business and perfect for basic cleaning to tough pet odor and stain removal. 

Do you need an area rug cleaned? We clean area rugs, including most oriental rugs, in our store at 2231 North Montana Ave, Helena, Montana.

You know how to do your job exceptionally well – we know our job exceptionally well! What will you do with your extra free time?

carpet ​​Cleaning

Our low moisture extraction system deep cleans and dries fast.

upholstery ​Cleaning

Gently clean and restore your fine furniture. Enjoy them once again.

Carpet cleaning 
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Don't get soaked, our dry foam carpet cleaning system dries in a couple hours, not a couple days.

Starting at ​$40 PER ROOM

Best Cleaning Company 

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