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Read below for examples of hidden damage and steps to take to care of your floors and furniture.

Our years of cleaning experience serves you well. When we evaluate your cleaning need we will let you know areas of damage, the areas that will clean well and whether your project will end in your desired result. We want you to be informed and aware of all possible outcomes. We will present all possibilities and options to you so you will have all information needed to make the right decisions.

You will hire us because you trust us to tell you honestly about your cleaning situation and the predicted outcome. We will never make promises we cannot deliver.

We have the experience to be able to show and explain to you how your cleaning project will turn out. We know how well your carpet, furniture or hard floor will clean up. We can also help you understand the obstacles or barriers that present themselves during cleaning and how these special situations may prohibit the optimal outcome.

We at Best Cleaning Company understand customer service. We know that you are to be treated with great respect, dignity and courtesy. We also know that your time is valuable. You can be assured that we will always be on time for all appointments and you will always be treated as the most important person in the room.

You contacted Best Cleaning Company because you are convinced that there is a better cleaning company, a better system, a better clean. You are looking for a company that actually takes the time to get it done right. You want trained technicians who are also the owners who will be doing each and every cleaning job.

Well, you have found what you've been looking for.......... Best Cleaning Company.

What You Can Expect

Upholstery Fabric Damage:

Carpet Damage

The potential damage areas on furniture are arm and head areas. Human and pet oils transfer onto the fabric, then attract dirt. These areas, if caught in time, can be easily cleaned. Ink, colored dyes and tears are probably irreparable damage. 

If the pathways of your carpet are becoming  dull and dingy it may be damaged. Many types or styles of carpet are more prone to pathway damage than others. The carpet fibers are actually scratched by the dirt which is missed by your vacuum cleaner then walked upon.