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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is fabric protector available for furniture?

Commercial solvent based protector is available and should be applied after cleaning. It repels dirt and liquids preventing permanent spots or stains.

Are your cleaning processes "Green" and safe for people as well as the environment?

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning products are provided by Von Schrader Company are guaranteed to be 100 % green and safe. Our tile and grout / hard floor cleaning products by The Masters Touch are guaranteed safe as well. And all discharge waste product is septic or flower bed safe.

Is my furniture worth cleaning?

Nearly all fabric and leather furniture can be cleaned. The leather must be finished, not suede. Most microfiber fabrics can be cleaned but must be groomed and dried after cleaning. Furniture wear areas are at the head and the arms. Though these areas can be cleaned they should be inspected to determine if damage will be obvious after cleaning. Cost can only be accurately determined after assessment.

Will cleaning my carpet remove all of my stains including pet spots?

Most spots are food related and will readily be removed. There are colored spots that may be dye related and may be permanent. Pet spots usually are deep into the pad with or without a visible spot. Pet odors can be removed with an enzyme product that actually contacts the was. The pet spot may be a permanent stain if not attended to quickly.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

Typically a few hours. There are variables to drying times. Tightly twisted cut pile carpet with no traffic patterns will dry faster (2 - 4 hours)  than frieze/shag style carpet with significantly dirty pathways will take longer (6 - 8 hours) to dry. Air movement such as ceiling fans and box fans, etc. will reduce drying times.

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

It depends upon occupancy, type of traffic and the type of carpet. If you have a gravel driveway, dogs and cats, children, barnyard pets and pet birds with a frieze/shag style carpet you should vacuum daily and have your carpets cleaned every 3 to 6 months. If no kids or pets and you have a paved driveway and a tightly woven cut pile carpet vacuum weekly and clean every two years. Realistically, if your carpet looks dirty...... it's past time to clean.

How do I know if my carpet is damaged or just dirty?

If your main traffic pathways are matted and appear dull or dingy you probably have carpet damage. Since the carpet fibers are laying over and not standing upright you are walking on the sides of those fibers. When this happens the dirt, which is extremely sharp, will cut/scratch the fibers. This results in a dull appearance because it simply doesn't reflect light  as well as when it was new.

Is my vacuum cleaner the reason for my dingy carpet?

An unmaintained vacuum cleaner may contribute to a dingy carpet. Bagless vacuum cleaners and low end vacuum cleaners emit fine dust particles back onto your carpet. These dirt particles will scratch the fibers when walked upon thus leaving a dull pathway. Always use a high performance vacuum cleaner. For more information on selecting the right vacuum for your need go to Ultra Vac Services.

Should I have carpet protectant applied?

Commercial carpet protector application is recommended after cleaning. Carpet protector repels spills and spots and will help the release of dirt when vacuuming. All newer carpet has protection applied at the mill but it wears off. Protection should be reapplied as needed.