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 Von Schrader cleaning equipment which utilizes a low moisture encapsulation system.

This system produces a foam which is then gently agitated into the fabric with a super soft counter-rotating motorized brush. The dirt laden foam is the extracted with high volume suction. We do not force high pressure hot water into your furniture which may over wet and cause "browning". Hot water may also cause "dye bleed". Use caution when cleaning with an water extraction process.

Cotton fabrics, older natural dyed fabrics, leather, microfiber and velvet are some of the more difficult furnishings that should never be cleaned using the "wet" process. Also, "dry cleaning" is not dry. Dry cleaning uses a solvent based product. Again, use caution.

Low moisture encapsulation can be used to clean all types of fabric safely.

Upholstery Care

Best Cleaning Company have a distinct advantage over most carpet cleaning companies.

That advantage is that we also own Ultra Vac Services. Our extensive knowledge and training in both professional carpet cleaning and vacuum cleaner sale and service qualifies us as experts in both fields. As such we understand exactly what it takes to care for your carpets. We know which carpet cleaning process is best for you as well as which "high performance" vacuum cleaner will best your best choice for carpet cleaning on a regular basis.

Routine vacuuming with a high performance vacuum cleaner will extract 90% of all "dry" dirt. The remaining 10% is sticky, greasy, oily soils that require professional deep carpet cleaning to remove. Depending on the contributors (kids, pets, number of people) to your soil load the average household should vacuum once or twice each week and must have carpets professionally cleaned one to two times per year. High traffic pathways are where you should always be a focus area.

We have found Von Schrader cleaning chemicals and equipment to be the most effective and least damaging system for use on almost all carpets. The system uses a low moisture foam to encapsulate soils and suspend them on fabric surfaces. High volume suction then removes the foam soils. This system does not utilize high pressure to force water and moisture into the carpet backing where it is extremely difficult to remove and may cause further damage in the form of mold and mildew.

Carpet Care

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